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Pet-Friendly Landscaping Tips

When designing the landscape in your backyard, you will need to keep your Pet in mind. Planning for a pet-friendly landscape will not only help you keep the yard looking great, but it will also protect your pet from harm.

The first thing that you should consider is making sure that you have healthy grass in the yard. Pets love to run and play and roll around in the yard. If your grass is not healthy, it could easily start showing wear. We only use EPA-approved fertilizer that is safe for pets and weed control that is 2-4d free.

Next, you will want to be careful about any plants or flowers you choose for this area. Pets are Pets, and this means that they can be tempted to chew or eat the plants. Although most Pets will not do this, any plants you select must be safe for pets. Some plants are very poisonous to Pets, even if they do not harm humans.

Consider a paver pathway near the border of your yard. A Pet instinctively feels that they must protect their home, and they will do this by patrolling the yard. If you give them a pathway to do their patrolling, they will use it instead of wearing down the grass by running back and forth on the same spots each day.

Ensure that your landscape design allows your Pet to have a shaded area and a place to drink. Even if the weather does not feel exceptionally warm to you, your Pet is covered in fur and will experience the heat more intensely. Having a shaded area and a place to drink will also prevent your Pet from digging holes in the grass. Pets will dig to get to cooler feeling earth as a way to cool off in the summer.

Pet Friendly lawn program

American Tree and Turf is proud to be a professional landscape company that takes extra care to protect your Pet. We understand how much our clients want a healthy and beautiful lawn, but we also understand how much they love their Pet.

All of the fertilizers and treatments that we use on your lawns have been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency as non-toxic to pets. Our lawn care service has also developed a method that requires fewer treatments each year, which will also help reduce any exposure your Pet has with our fertilizers.

All of our landscape designs are also Pet-friendly. We carefully select plants that cannot harm your Pets if they ingest them or if they run by them. We look for hardy plants that can withstand the occasional Pet interaction without harming the Pet or plant.

We avoid small pebbles or gravel in our designs because these items can get stuck in your Pet’s paws. We also avoid certain types of mulches, like cocoa shell mulch, because it can be harmful to your Pet if eaten.

Our designs focus on making the family happy and giving your Pet a place to play. We encourage the use of paver stones in some areas where your Pet may go to protect the perimeter of your yard. If there are high traffic areas from your pet, we will try to change the design to help eliminate over usage of any area of your lawn or landscape.

American Tree and Turf is proud to be Pet enthusiasts. We take great pride in creating beautiful lawns and landscapes that not only please the property owner but are a great place for their Pets as well. We encourage you to speak with one of our reps if you have any questions about our pet-friendly landscaping services.

Tree Care Services

For professional Arborist services for your trees, call American Tree & Turf Inc. today. Our certified Arborists have years of experience working in the tree care and landscaping industry. Our professional Arborists have passed extensive examinations covering all facets of arboriculture ensuring your trees get the best care or accurate diagnosis of disease, malnourishment, or potentially a need for removal.

You can rest easy knowing we can and will do everything we can to help your trees stay healthy, green, and blooming for years to come. For more information on Tree Care Services from American Tree & Turf Inc. give us a call at 630.466.9003 today.

Professional Tree Inspection Services

Our licensed Arborist will prepare a visual inspection concerning the condition of your trees along with any recommendations for treatment, pruning, pest control, or removal. We treat trees for common diseases like Apple Scab, Needle Cast, Diplodia , Tar Spot and Anthracnose. We also treat trees for insects like Japanese Beetles, Spider Mites, Borers, Nipple Gall, Pine Bark Beetle, Zimmerman Pine Moth, Scale and Ash Borer just to name a few. Our Certified Arborist will determine the problem and the correct treatment program. All our products are eco and pet friendly with caution labels.

Get the Best Tree Care Services Available

Thank you for considering American Tree & Turf Inc. tree care services. Please call with any questions. Most of the time when we get a call about a sick tree it has had the issue for 3 years. Our treatments will require the same 3 years to correct in most cases.

The key to great tree care is not letting it go for too long. The sooner you address an issue with one of our professional Arborists, the sooner we can start helping get your tree or trees back to perfect health. Feel free to submit your questions or concerns to us by filling out our easy-to-use form and we will get back to you right away. Or call now at 630.466.9003.

Landscape & Hardscape Design & Installation

American Tree & Turf Inc. starts with an in-person consultation which includes pictures of your current landscape design. Then, based on your wants and needs for the space, we go to work designing the landscape that fits your property, budget, preferences and aesthetic needs.

For more information on Landscape Design from American Tree & Turf Inc., call us today at 630.466.9003 or fill out the easy-to-use form and someone will get back to your shortly.

Get the Most Out of Your Landscape Design

We believe in combining nature and culture. Landscape design bridges the space between landscape architecture and garden design. Next, we email you pictures of the design for your approval until we get it perfect. The last step once design is approved, we email you the quote. Once accepted, we need the signed quote back with a deposit to get work scheduled and material ordered. The length of time is dependent on our work load and your responsiveness, typical is 7-10 days.

Our landscape design experts can help with everything from patio paving and surrounding plants to water features and walkways. Your property can truly be transformed with landscape design in ways you may have never thought possible.

Get Started on your Landscape Design

From gardens, window beds, retaining walls, even driveway accents, American Tree & Turf Inc. can take care of all your landscape design needs at very competitive pricing. Give us a call or submit an contact information form and someone will get back to you right away.

We would like to thank you for the trust you have shown in selecting us to design your dream space. Changes can be made at any time prior to installation, after that there will be alteration fees added. To get started now, contact a landscape design specialist at American Tree & Turf Inc. at 630.466.9003 today.

Landscape Maintenance Services

American Tree & Turf, Inc. offers a wide variety of landscaping maintenance services from regular mowing, seasonal clean up, periodic trimming and pruning and more. A little landscaping maintenance is worth a whole season of bad looking landscaping. Let American Tree & Turf, Inc. take care of all your landscaping and landscaping maintenance.

To schedule your annual yard maintenance or regular visits, call American Tree & Turf, Inc. today at 630.466.9003.

Yard Clean Up

After a harsh winter, let American Tree & Turf, Inc. clean everything up, pick up leaves, turn over soil and get your annuals planted for you to enjoy all season long. We can lay down new mulch, get edging done, fix pavers that may have moved with freezing and thawing, replace sod, fertilize, and get the lawn mowed.

Taking Care of the Grass

The most popular maintenance services for landscapers like American Tree & Turf, Inc. is lawn mowing. More Than 25 states have passed or are studying legislation to change the way people discard their grass clippings and leaves, say the people at Jon Deere & Company. Landscape Maintenance contractors can play a key role in helping keep the 16,400 landfills in the U.S. open.

“Grass clippings can be distributed across the lawn most of the time.” says Bob Tracinski of Deere. He recommends that Lawns be mowed frequently enough to remove only the top one third of the grass blade.

Tracinski says that short clippings deteriorate quickly and return nutrients to the soil. He and other experts estimate that a seasons worth of grass clippings is equal to one application of most commercially available fertilizers.

If You Cut Your Own Grass

Mowing height is critical, the root system of turfgrass will typically grow about twice as deep as the grass height above the ground. Roots can reap the maximum benefits of water and soil nutrients at a depth of 4″ to 5″ deep, so keeping your lawn 21/2″ to 3″ is ideal. This height will provide a comfortable shade for the root system, and from its density discourage crabgrass and weed infiltration.

Better mowing, along with proper water and fertilizing, will make your lawn look good even during summer’s stress. We offer weekly mowing and monthly estate maintenance contracts. These contracts can be as simple as cutting the grass weekly and/or pulling weeds or as comprehensive as bush trimming, mulching, fertilizing, sidewalk edging, seasonal flowers and mowing. We can be your one stop shop.

Get the most out of your landscaping with regular maintenance from American Tree & Turf, Inc. Call 630.466.9003 to schedule an appointment or get a quote today.

Mulch Purchase Estimates and Installation

Adding mulch to a garden bed, yard, or trees serves multiple purposes both for the enrichment of the plants and for the aesthetic clean look it has. Mulch can be applied around trees, plants, bushes, shrubs, flowers, and along grass. At American Tree & Turf, Inc. we offer multiple types of mulch in different colors wood type and texture.

To order mulch or have American Tree & Turf, Inc. come out to give you an estimate, call us today at 630.466.9003 or fill out the easy-to-use form and a staff member will get back to you shortly.

The Benefits of Mulch

Mulch is a layer of material applied to the surface of soil. Reasons for applying mulch include conservation of soil moisture, improving fertility and health of the soil, reducing weed growth and enhancing the visual appeal of any area.

How To Lay Mulch

We recommend 2 to 3 inches of mulch, too much mulch is not good. A common issue is creating a “mulch Volcano” around tree trunks, this is not a good practice and will eventually lead to the death of the trees and shrubs done in this manner. The correct method of mulching a tree is to create a saucer around the tree trunk, with no mulch touching the crown area of a tree or bush.

Before you lay mulch you can use a barrier called landscape cloth that prevents weed growth from under the mulch but still allows water to penetrate and saturate the soil. Less weeds means more water and nutrients for the flowers, plants, bushes, and trees.

Call American Tree & Turf, Inc. today at 630.466.9003 for more information on Mulch types and pricing.

Tree & Shrub Services

Let American Tree & Turf Inc. consult and recommend the best tree and shrubs for your property to fit your space, shade preferences, budget, and water expenditure preference. Trees can add cooling shade to a property or simply defuse high winds against structures. The utility of trees and shrubs are very subtle and amazingly helpful at the same time. A few shrubs can hide unsightly utilities, give privacy from a road or through a chain link fence, or along a path to encourage people to stay on the walkways.

To get recommendations for your property on trees or shrubs that will best fit your outdoor style and needs, contact American Tree & Turf Inc. today at 630.466.9003. Or fill out our simple Contact Form and one of our staff members will get back to you shortly with more information.

How to Best Use Trees & Shrubs

There are trees and shrubs and plants that serve more than an aesthetic function, but real world purposes. Some deter insects, some deter pests and rodents, some are lush and thick for privacy by design, others are just for looking great or simply smelling great.

Let our tree and shrub specialists know what you are looking for and if you have any issues in or around your property. Nosey neighbors or mosquitos, we can help with pests in either case with a few well-placed trees and shrubs.

Get started on your Tree and Shrub Selection Today

Call us today at 630.466.9003 and talk to a tree and shrub specialist about your needs. If you are just looking for more information, fill out our easy-to-use form and someone will get back to you shortly. We appreciate your interest in American Tree & Turf Inc. and look forward to improving your property.

Fertilizing Services

Along with water and sunlight, plants need nutrients and minerals, just like all living things. Fertilizing adds nutrient rich elements to the soil, allowing grass and plants to grow greener, taller, thicker, and hardier to require less water to thrive. We also have a five-step Pet-Friendly Program.

At American Tree & Turf Inc., we offer a 14-point Lawn Analysis to determine how your grass is doing. The 14 Point Lawn Analysis serves as our guide to your lawn’s health and condition. Once you become a American Tree and Turf Inc. customer, your Lawn Specialist incorporates these findings and recommendations into your lawn care program.

Get the Best-Looking Lawn on The Block

Take advantage of American Tree & Turf Inc’s fertilizing system to improve your lawn’s color, thickness, seasonal recovery, and water consumption by simply hiring us. You get the benefit of over a dozen areas that can be evaluated and improved upon to get the best-looking lawn in the area.

Here are the 14 Points of Lawn Analysis offered by American Tree & Turf Inc.:

  1. Grass Types:
    Most lawns are not made up of one single grass type. They are a blend of several. It’s best to know which types are prevalent in your lawn in order to provide the best care.
  2. Turf Density:
    It’s important to keep your lawn thick because dense, healthy turf discourages weeds and crabgrass.
  3. Color:
    The color of your grass says a lot about its health. A light-colored lawn may mean it’s lacking important nutrients. Different varieties of turf have different color optimums.
  4. Thatch:
    Thatch is a layer of living and dead leaves, stems and roots just above the soil. Too much thatch will reduce a lawn’s response to fertilizers and affects watering practices. Disease and insect problems are greater where thatch is excessive.
  5. Lawn Diseases:
    There are many types of diseases that can affect the appearance and health of your lawn. Because diseases are difficult to predict, we cannot guarantee your lawn will not be affected by diseases. If diseases become a problem, our Lawn Care Specialists can assist you to determine what steps can be taken to help your lawn recover.
  6. Soil Type:
    Knowing the type and condition of your soil will help determine your lawn’s needs. If soil is compacted, core aeration is recommended.
  7. Broadleaf Weeds:
    Some weeds can be very difficult to control. Certain weeds spread very rapidly and can quickly choke out your grass. It’s best to have a professional prescribe the proper weed controls for best results.
  8. Mowing:
    Few homeowners realize the importance of mowing correctly. Cutting certain grass types too low or infrequently can cause the lawn to turn brown and increases its susceptibility to weeds, diseases, and crabgrass.
  9. Insects:
    Thousands of insects live in your grass. Some are helpful, while others threaten your lawn’s health and vitality. It’s important to know if damaging insects are present in your area so they can be prevented or controlled.
  10. Shade:
    Being aware of your lawn’s exposure to sunlight and shade helps determine the type of grass that grows best in your lawn.
  11. Watering:
    The amount of water your lawn receives is critical to its health. Improper watering is usually the cause of pale, sparse turf and many diseases and weed problems.
  12. Problem Grasses:
    Certain grasses are classified as weeds because they disrupt the appearance of your lawn. Annual grassy weeds are reduced with timely service visits, while most perennial grassy weeds are difficult to control.
  13. Potential:
    Some lawns, no matter how much work is put into them, will never look as lush and healthy as others. Be aware of those who over promise the guarantee of a perfect lawn. You may be disappointed.
  14. Present Conditions:
    Even great looking lawns require continual care. We can help maintain your lawn at its best with our full service, annual lawn care program.

For more information on Fertilizing services from American Tree & Turf Inc., call us today at 630.466.9003 or fill out our simple form and someone will get back to you right away.

Pet Friendly Program

We offer a 5 treatment system that will outperform the competitors 7 step programs.These 5 treatments consist of:

  1. Spring Application
    Controlled released fertilizer with crab grass preventative. It is very important at this time that crabgrass and foxtail control be applied. Quick action is very important to insure the greatest percentage of control. Broadleaf weed control is included only after temperatures have reached 45 degrees or above.
  2. Early Summer Application
    Broadleaf weed control is applied with this application. We can only control the broadleaf weeds that are present at the time of application. It will not prevent new weeds from germinating.
  3. Summer Application
    Hot weather brings out the chinch bugs, sod webworms, and grubs. This treatment will control and prevent insect damage for the entire season. Insecticides are applied on an as needed basis to control them. Fertilizer is applied to help your lawn through the summer heat.
  4. Fall Application
    This treatment has the heaviest rate of broadleaf weed control to eliminate any summer annuals that may have appeared in your lawn.
  5. Winterizer Application
    Fertilizer is applied to help prevent winter stress and to promote healthy root development. This also helps your lawn to green up sooner next spring.
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