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American Tree and Turf is proud to be a professional landscape company that takes extra care to protect your Pet. We understand how much our clients want a healthy and beautiful lawn, but we also understand how much they love their Pet.

All of the fertilizers and treatments that we use on your lawns have been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency as non-toxic to pets. Our lawn care service has also developed a method that requires fewer treatments each year, which will also help reduce any exposure your Pet has with our fertilizers.

All of our landscape designs are also Pet-friendly. We carefully select plants that cannot harm your Pets if they ingest them or if they run by them. We look for hardy plants that can withstand the occasional Pet interaction without harming the Pet or plant.

We avoid small pebbles or gravel in our designs because these items can get stuck in your Pet’s paws. We also avoid certain types of mulches, like cocoa shell mulch, because it can be harmful to your Pet if eaten.

Our designs focus on making the family happy and giving your Pet a place to play. We encourage the use of paver stones in some areas where your Pet may go to protect the perimeter of your yard. If there are high traffic areas from your pet, we will try to change the design to help eliminate over usage of any area of your lawn or landscape.

American Tree and Turf is proud to be Pet enthusiasts. We take great pride in creating beautiful lawns and landscapes that not only please the property owner but are a great place for their Pets as well. We encourage you to speak with one of our reps if you have any questions about our pet-friendly landscaping services.

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