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Pet-Friendly Landscaping Tips

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When designing the landscape in your backyard, you will need to keep your Pet in mind. Planning for a pet-friendly landscape will not only help you keep the yard looking great, but it will also protect your pet from harm.

The first thing that you should consider is making sure that you have healthy grass in the yard. Pets love to run and play and roll around in the yard. If your grass is not healthy, it could easily start showing wear. We only use EPA-approved fertilizer that is safe for pets and weed control that is 2-4d free.

Next, you will want to be careful about any plants or flowers you choose for this area. Pets are Pets, and this means that they can be tempted to chew or eat the plants. Although most Pets will not do this, any plants you select must be safe for pets. Some plants are very poisonous to Pets, even if they do not harm humans.

Consider a paver pathway near the border of your yard. A Pet instinctively feels that they must protect their home, and they will do this by patrolling the yard. If you give them a pathway to do their patrolling, they will use it instead of wearing down the grass by running back and forth on the same spots each day.

Ensure that your landscape design allows your Pet to have a shaded area and a place to drink. Even if the weather does not feel exceptionally warm to you, your Pet is covered in fur and will experience the heat more intensely. Having a shaded area and a place to drink will also prevent your Pet from digging holes in the grass. Pets will dig to get to cooler feeling earth as a way to cool off in the summer.

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