Leaving Grass Clippings

More Than 25 states have passed or are studying legislation to change the way people discard their grass clippings and leaves, say the people at Jon Deere & Company. Landscape Maintenance contractors can play a key role in helping keep the 16,400 landfills in the U.S. open.

"Grass clippings can be distributed across the lawn most of the time." says Bob Tracinski of Deere. He recommends that Lawns be mowed frequently enough to remove only the top one third of the grass blade.

Tracinski says that short clippings deteriorate quickly and return nutrients to the soil. He and other experts estimate that a seasons worth of grass clippings is equal to one application of most commercially available fertilizers.

Did You Know

Mowing height is critical, the root system of turfgrass will typically grow about twice as deep as the grass height above the ground. Roots can reap the maximum benefits of water and soil nutrients at a depth of 4" to 5" deep, so keeping your lawn 21/2" to 3" is ideal. This height will provide a comfortable shade for the root system, and from its density discourage crabgrass and weed infiltration.

Better mowing, along with proper water and fertilizing, will make your lawn look good even during summer's stress. We offer weekly mowing and monthly estate maintenance contracts. These contracts can be as simple as cutting the grass weekly and/or pulling weeds or as comprehensive as bush trimming, mulching, fertilizing, sidewalk edging, seasonal flowers and mowing. We can be your one stop shop.

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