Frequently Asked Questions

The answers to your pet friendly lawn care questions are below. If you don't see the answer you are looking for, contact us using the quick question form.

Will the material you use be harmful to kids, or pets?

No! All of the materials that we use have been registered with the EPA and are totally safe when used as directed.

Do you guarantee that I will have a beautiful lawn?

If we could control the weather, soil, temperature and mowing habits, we certainly would. There are too many variables out of our control. We do guarantee our work. For example, if the weeds don't die in 5-7 days we will come back and retreat at no charge. 21 day Guarantee.

Do I have to buy your entire lawn program?

You must purchase our 4 or 5 application program, not counting additional services. This allows us to provide the proper service thus maintaining quality

How and when do I pay?

Payment is due at time of service, however, if nobody is home we will leave the invoice on the door and you may mail a check to us. We offer a 3% discount if you pay for the entire years service before the 1 application.

Do I need to Dethatch?

We recommend aeration instead of dethatching. Aeration has all the benefits with none of the down side of dethatching. Thatch is old roots and leaf stems not grass clippings unless extreme clippings are left after mowing.

Can I overseed before or after the application?

No! Crabgrass preemergent does not allow you to reseed to August 15th.

Will I have to mow more often?

Because we use slow release fertilizer you should not have to mow more often. However, many people are not mowing enough to start with and this is very important. If you mulch you should mow 2xs per week in the spring and fall, due mainly to rainfall.

Should I water the lawn after the application?

You do not have to water after any application except the grub treatment if you get one. The turf should receive 1" of water per week, and that should be done in the morning not at night.

Mowing Questions

Do I cut weekly, biweekly or what?

We recommend weekly mowing to keep the lawn healthy. We come every week. Some weeks the grass may not need cutting, so we may only trim or edge the sidewalk.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Yes, we like to put everything in writing so you know exactly what to expect.

I like my lawn cut short, what height will you cut my lawn?

We cut between 2.5 and 3.5 inches, we will never remove more than 1/3 of the grass blade with any 1 cut unless you request different. Cutting the grass is stressfull for the turf, and short cut heights can lead to diseases and insect issues.

Landscape Questions

Do you use only Unilock paving stones?

No, we also offer Belgard, Paveloc and Unilock Landscaping stones.

What is the guarantee on the plants you install?

We sell our plants at wholesale prices, passing the savings on to you, hence, the mark up does not allow us to offer a guarantee. However, we offer a lifetime warranty on trees if you sign up for our tree service plan.

Does it cost to have a price quote?

We offer free estimates, unless you want a computer design, then there is a charge. We do require homeowners to be present during our initial inspection.

Do you use subcontractors?

No, we do all the work with our own employees.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, you may request a copy of our insurance certificate and we carry workman compensation as well.

Earth Friendly Tree Care Questions

Should my trees be watered at the time of injection?

Watering prior to injection is recommended to increase systemic action, particularly during hot dry periods.

Is this treatment more expensive than other methods?

Due to long lasting effects, it is less expensive in most cases.

Does weather affect tree care products?

The only limiting factor is ground temperature, it must be 40 degrees at a depth of 4 inches to work.

How is the number of capsules needed determined?

By measuring the circumference of the tree, it is easy to determine as they are spaced 5 to 6 inches apart around the tree.

How much time does it take for the capsules to empty?

On sunny days, the units may empty in 30 minutes or less. On cold days, water movement in the tree has slowed down causing it to take longer. Condition of tree may also affect uptake.

Can nutrients and pesticides be administered at the same time?

We strongly recommend that nutrients be used with pesticides to overcome damage by increasing the vigor of the tree.

Can trees of any size be injected?

We do not normally recommend that trees of less than 6 inches diameter be treated. All others may be treated.

Will the tiny puncture wounds bleed?

In some cases depending on the species, slight seepage may be apparent; but there will be no permanent damage.

Are tree care products guaranteed to work every time?

Obviously, the sooner the tree is properly treated, the better the chances for complete recovery. However, trees like people are living things and as such vary one to another. Therefore, due to many factors which are not always immediately apparent, this can no more be guaranteed than a doctor can guarantee your living after being treated for any problem no matter how slight.

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